I apologize for my neglect!

Not so Healthy (c) Cécile Graat

The past seven days have been a little crazy. I had a work event starting in the middle of last week and going through most of the weekend, and then I got sick. Like “OMG light, air, and blinking hurts and food is an evil abomination” sick. I’m starting to climb back into the land of the living, but it’s a slow process. I even tried to go in to the day job today and they sent me back home, so… yeah.

In other news, revisions on Sing, Sweet Nightingale are going well. As long as I can actually finish them. I’m still about ten chapters from The End and I keep getting interrupted. Trips, work, illness–the universe doesn’t seem to want me to finish these revisions on time! I’m going to try to force myself to concentrate today and get some stuff done. Some at least.

I hope everyone else is having a happier, healthier, more productive week than I am! I’ll check back in again when my head feels less explody. >.<


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