The aftermath of this weekend.

My weekend was incredibly eventful. Not only did Fort Lauderdale get side swiped by Sandy, I had to work all weekend at various events, mostly outdoors. I’ve had enough of work for a while, so I’m, going to ignore that part of my weekend and concentrate on Sandy. For those of you about to get hit, I really hope you’ll take this storm seriously. Category 2 or not, this hurricane carries some serious punishment with it. Two days after her departure, my city is still picking up the mess left behind. And we’re USED to hurricanes. The northeast isn’t. Please err on the side of caution, northerners!

I’m pretty sure water isn’t supposed to bubble UP storm drains…

This is probably the best indication of how much the shape
of the beach was changed by Sandy.

We usually only get waves like this DURING a storm, not two days after.

Lifeguards weren’t letting anyone in the water this weekend.

The beach eroded so much the waves broke over
the seawall and onto the street

I have a feeling it’ll be a little while before the beach is back to normal.

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