Funny: What Kind Of Teachers Did You Have?


Hopefully no one reading this never had a teacher who fell into the third category. 😉


3 thoughts on “Funny: What Kind Of Teachers Did You Have?

  1. I've had teachers who are either fantastic or plain awful. I had a few in the third category.

    Me: “Why doesn't rain taste of salt?”
    Teacher: “Have you got your homework?”

    I did have one teacher who answered every single question we shot at her though.

  2. I was incredibly lucky as far as teachers went. The worst ones I had were at the most complacent and somewhat neglectful, basically letting us do whatever we wanted. It's amazing the impact a good teacher can have.

  3. I think it's sort of a hit and miss thing. Some teachers are great and some, not so great.

    Those kind of teachers aren't so bad, as long as the students respect the teacher, work gets done.

    One of my teachers let us do whatever we wanted but because she didn't treat us like rubbish, we actually listened to her and she made History quite fun, even though most of the lessons were copying from a PowerPoint.

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